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With Jannejesa, you will be able to read all the Interesting News and Information related to Technology, Entertainment, Cooking, Health, Spiritual, Talent, Laughter and Quotes in Hindi .We know how it feels when you desperately want to read something but you don't understand the English Language in which it is written. But feel no shame in it because Hindi is our Mother Language and we should be proud of it instead of feeling disappointed that we don't know English.

In Jannejesa, you will find lots of interesting news, stuff and features that are well explained in depth to make you get interested. Go through some of the many features of this Application.

  • 1)Only in Hindi
    Each and every Article is written and explained in Hindi only.
  • 2)Interesting Articles
    you will find something different and unique in all of the Articles.
  • 3)Choice of Categories
    We have left no stone unturned and made sure that you get something unique every day.
  • 4)Quotes in Hindi
    Excellent Quotes displayed on an Attractive Image will make up your Day.
  • 5)Bookmark Articles
    you can Bookmark the Articles that you Like and Read it again instantly anytime.
  • 6)Upload your Stories
    Send your Articles to us and if approved it will be published with your Name.
  • 7)WhatsApp Messages
    |) Upload your Own Messages, View Others Messages and Share it instantly if you Like.
    ||) You can also add Messages to Favorites and view or share it later instantly.

Jannejesa is ideal for those people who want to check in some interesting news articles daily that create anxiousness while reading. There are many other Applications that provide interesting facts, articles and many more things to read but in English. This is why, Jannejesa can be extremely useful to all of the Indian people because here you will get all the latest updates and interesting news, facts, quotes and everything in Hindi.

Don't think that if it's in Hindi, you will only get updates related to Indian... No No No!! You will get Articles from all around the World's different Places and Countries. Are you curious to know what type of Articles we publish in our Categories? Then Check it below.

  • I.Technology
    all the current trends as well as information from the technological World.
  • II.Entertainment
    Box Office Updates, Film stars News, Upcoming Movies... All the Latest updates from the Entertainment World.
  • III.Cooking
    Daily delicious Recipes Updates from some of the World's best known Cooks.
  • IV.Health
    Get Information on How to keep yourself healthy in this Polluted World.
  • V.Spiritual
    Know and Learn about different religions and their recognition.
  • VI.Talent
    Discover Hidden Talents of People from all around the Globe.
  • VII.Laughter
    Get Jokes updates, Funny Videos, and many more to keep yourself stress free.
  • VIII.Quotes
    Excellent Quotes Updates about Courage, Mother, Life, Fight, etc... Well described on attractive image.
Up to this point, you must have had Glimpses of what's there around in the Application. But make sure that you do Download and Check what the Application for you is.


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